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    November 3, 2013
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website with updated information. that's really important to engage our community and keep them in the know. i was curious when i did bring up earlier if there was a way and what manner would someone be updated, you said we would know, is it a specific website or some other number? >> yeah. i was saying, i'm sorry i wasn't super clear because there is not a lot of clarity on these issues. as soon as we get information we'll have it on our website. there is a fact sheet that outlines some of the issues we talked about and i will recommend that for the moment and as we get more information we'll revise our fact sheets and get them on the website. you can also call and stay up to date with information and changes as they happen. is that better? >> yes. thank you very much.
>> thank you. >> is there anymore public comment? seeing there is no more public comment. thank you very much. >> thank you very much for the opportunity. >> we will move on to team 11, discussion and possible action team. the council will discuss a possible adoption of a resolution regarding principles and over all recommendations for the construction and maintenance and financing of housing for people with disabilities and seniors. the disability council formed a small working group to develop a resolution. now i would like
to turn it to councilmember chip. >> thank you. we started on this resolution i believe in june of this year after about 10 months of presentations on various topics for people with disabilities and for seniors. in july we presented a draft version at the mdc meeting and that was, and we received public comment at that time. we went back to the table and met with several community based organizations and got their input and then we reconvened and we rewrote the resolution and we have another second draft form to read to you today. after today's meeting we will be consulting with several government agencies and others, interested parties to further
revise it as necessary. so i will read the resolution as it stands now. resolution no. 2013-01, san francisco mayor's disability council resolution recommending guiding principals for the construction, maintenance, and financing of permanently affordable and accessible housing for people with disabilities and seniors. whereas available affordable and accessible housing has been a prominent issue affecting the community and the city of san francisco and whereas supply and funding available affordable and accessible housing has severely diminished due to the recent elimination of recent development agencies
and whereas providing housing available in the community for people with disabilities is not just an urgent need, but is a mandated civil rights as affirmed by the united states supreme court homestead decision of 1999. and whereas the mayor's disability council has received public testimony from members with disabilities who share their frustration and disappointments and challenges with the many problems they face with affordable housing. there be it resolved that additional funding sources for affordable and accessible housing be explored to offset the cost by the redevelopment agency. in particular, the mayor's disability council urges the mayor's office on
housing the sphere head the effort of qualifying city and county of san francisco to access section 811 federal funds from housing and urban development, hud, for the construction of new accessible and affordable housing. and be it resolved that the mayor's disability council urges the mayor's office on housing to evaluate requirement for affordable housing by potentially layering multiple subsidies to allow people with multiple disabilities to qualify. be it resolved that permanently and accessible housing be spread out through the community so people can remain in their community with satellite neighborhoods. be it resolved that the construction of new permanent and affordable housing should be a priority as
well as the acquisition of rehabilitation of existing buildings that maximizes accessibility including reliably working elevators and be it resolved that opportunities to construct new buildings to be explored as well as existing single room occupancy buildings. and be it's further resolved that future enforcement procedures be developed of the maintenance existing features to be developed to maintaining accessible features within sro's which have contracts with the city and be it further resolved that new low income housing be constructed with design features that promote and enhance the mental health of tenants such as the use of natural light, full spectrum
lighting features, cheerful color schemes and community spaces. be it further resolved that percentages of existing of new affordable housing be available to people with local sense activities that it will be smoke free with environmental safe materials such as low boc paints and carpet adhesives. and be it further resolved that a single accessible housing portal be created warehousing providers are mandated to provide people with disabilities and all backgrounds with disabilities can be matched with the appropriate housing unit. be it further resolved that the housing be on affordability
group, chaz or a similar community input mechanism wherein all stake holders where disability and senior advocates are involved in accessible housing in the city. so, is there comments or suggestions from the councilmembers? >> i will get your name sooner or later. >> i just wanted to comment and say that i think this is a very thorough draft. it addresses a lot of areas and one of the most important areas towards very end, the comments for be
it resolved that a single and accessible housing portal will be created because it's one of the biggest pieces missing is being able to have an easy and accessible way for the common community member to get involved at their own time availability. so, i just want to thank you for your work on this. >> your welcome. thank you. >> is there anymore councilmembers comments? thank you for including mental health. cochair, chip. excuse me. >> your welcome. >> is there anything from staff, any questions? we are going to take public comment. >> i'm bob plant hold. i'm grateful. i congratulate you for the fine work for the
thoroughness of the resolution drafted for all the content in there and especially the resurrection of the chaz, the comprehensive housing affordability strategy committee. i say that because some years ago, a former fo d starf would attend and we found a gap and there were barriers and pediments to fair housing. that is a requirement that hud has every so often, a city must give a report on addressing barriers impediment. we set up that committee and we occasionally had, i will say informed supportive visits from the head of mod, susan mousse ner. we put things forward that got the coalition of the community housing
organizations, acronym they are call of choo-choo. when they pass this, you ought to send a copy to the mayor's office of housing but also choo-choo which has participation by many of the affordable housing developers that are community based. up until the time we started our committee on barriers impediments there often was a process where you had to stand in line to get an application and so we noticed there were seniors getting up at 3:00 in the morning standing in line in front of a tenderloin site. we changed that. choo-choo went along with that. so we did make some positive changes. we did have some impacts. why chaz was stopped? it never got explained to us. if you can get it resurrected, there is going
to be a need on public impediment. thank you. >> anymore public comment? okay. >> yes. thank you board members. my name is charles menster, i'm a member of the -- retired and active employees. i certainly would support this resolution and we certainly need it. hopefully you gain a lot of support from the -- senior community. the concerns of the senior community are, like myself i'm not disabled at the present time, but certainly the knees and the hips are
doing too well. one 1 day they are going to be met. i think the senior population is about 20 percent. so we need these housing and unfortunately it isn't a law in this country that seniors need to be housed in a way. it is for the disability community but not for the seniors. i think if we gain this support, the main thing is getting the money. i was just at a demonstration at the twitter headquarters a couple weeks ago. there is a firm that is about to go public on the nox -- new york stock exchange. it's going to make people millionaire over night. meanwhile there is no tax in
the city and other start ups for potential millionaires involved. the needs to the city are not being met . i went out and lobbied to the san francisco labor council about this particular resolution. certainly if we get the labor community behind you. some of the labor units have housing funds that they have ways of helping to support this type of housing. i think it would be important that we reach out to them. and then we have to, there is money in this town. right down on montgomery street, the hotel and restaurant trade. the real estate interest are coining with money right now. there was a big problem at a demonstration south of market where seniors are being kicked out of their homes because of
these twitter, yelp and other groups moving here. these people don't want to commute. they want to live in housing in the community. in the process they are kicking out seniors and disabled people. there was a senior couple in chinatown. there is a lot of stake holders involved and there is a lot of help out there. thank you. >> thank you. if i may make a comment that what you referred to earlier in your comments about aging in place is very much a concern for the mayor's disability council because people's needs changeover time, it does not mean they can be plucked out of their home. i'm with you on that. thank you for your ideas for funding.
>> comments? >> yes, good afternoon. i think the council has done an excellent john in crafting this resolution. we are trying to get traction on this issue because it's been something that has been neglected or miss planned, if that's a word for a very long time. there was an article that came out by the ed at spur about a week ago. his name escapes me. right. about long-term planning and how the housing crisis has come to fruition because of a lack of foresight and a lack of planning. i'm very interested
in the reinstatement of the comprehensive housing affordability strategies group. we did have a meeting with representative from adrc which also included bill hish from alrp who has worked with this group who has very tangible ideas where if they put into place might help some of these resolution points come to fruition. specifically when it comes to layering the subsidies or layering the funding. i know there are ways that it can be inflated. at any rate, i know
with inclusionary housing there are a lot of, there is a bottom half or bottom layer of folks that fall within a certain income, particularly lower lower income that do not get served or aren't able to obtain housing because the cutoff income requirements don't apply to certain groups of people and many of those people are people that we serve. we want to make sure that those people in the community do get served. we see a lot of people on a daily basis that are coming in that are unaware of the housing crisis. they might be living in an illegal unit in the bottom part of a house or they might
be having some kind of issue with the landlord and they just want to get a place where they can have their own bathroom or their own kitchen, a place that's more -- to both physical and mental health. but what they are unaware of until they go out and actuallien engage, they are unaware of the lack of housing. myself, i'm born and raised in san francisco. i'm 5 generations deep here. i'm 15 years away from senior. 15 years, i'm barely able to to handle it myself. my family has done a lot in this city. we didn't just come here. in a search to find ourselves. we are here because we've been here, right? so what i guess
what i'm getting at is making this a priority. i commend, i really appreciate the fact that you took this issue seriously to where you made this resolution and to, i guess to really keep this at the forefront because you know the care that you put into this and the time, and the love that you put into this, really is i think the strength of this resolution and i think the more that we hear as the disability council keep this, never giving up on it and i think the message is going to be more and more clear since the housing crisis is so severe. i think our voices, all of your voices are needed much more now than
ever. so i appreciate the time that you put into this. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> members from the public? >> cochair wilson. say your last name. >> my name is peter mendoza and a community organizer with the independent living resources in san francisco. i don't want to
restate what's already been stated so eloquently by all the other speakers but i want to commend you on the steps you are taking and look forward to more significant steps being taken. everyone has spoke and i want to continue to work collaboratively with you. this is a big step. it is our hope collectively to really make some strong policy changes because having safe housing and quality housing is a civil right. people should have their right to stay in their home and live in a community of choice. so i commend you. >> thank you. anymore members from the public? we would like
to thank our presenter. thank you very much for your public comment, staff and councilmembers. we are going to move to the next team which is team 12. information teechlt better market street presentation. i forget to ask about the bridge line. is there anyone? okay. this will also
be facilitated with independent living resource center. >> good afternoon, cochairs and members of the council. i'm kelly red nick i'm the project manager and work with the department of public works. we are here to share with you a report on pedestrian realm focus group that we held in september. this was a collaboration between the better market street team, the mayor's office on disability and independent living resource
center. and we brought together a group of subject matter experts to assess the current paving on market street and make recommendations for future sidewalk and paving decisions for the better market street project. there were two sessions, one was september 7th and 21. our ilrc hosted the office. this is a photograph from the first workshop where all the focus group members had a round table. and i want to hand it over to peter mendoza to talk about the outreach.
>> again my name is peter mendoza and i was the project facilitator. the public members were made up of people who utilized power wheelchair and people who use manual wheelchairs and people that used walker's, crutchers or canes and having trouble walking and people who are blind or low vision. i did extensive outreach to recruit subject matter experts who live and work in san francisco who could really provide expert feedback to the mayor's office on disability and the department of public works on the issues relating to
accessibility for those who live and work and come visit the market street corridor. ilrc staff was very please d with this project. everyone loves where we work and also loves working in the city of san francisco because it's a rich and diverse community. there was an extensive review process to recruit the focus group members. we put them through a pretty extensive process where they really had to strongly convey the reasons why they felt they were they could really meet the challenges and expectations of being focus group members. the
focus group members really had to do a lot of work and you will hear about that during the presentation. i do believe i just wanted to mention, i want to thank city staff and staff from the mayor's office. my voice is starting to go, so i apologize. i want to thank city staff for all the hard work. the data that was developed from this project will go a long way for building blocks from the beginning of the conversation about how to address the barrier issues you will hear about as part of the better market street. i want to introduce and recognize a couple of market street members. first one to my right is ricky chapman. hello, thank
you for being here. i saw bob plant hold and your council member roland was also a member. you will notice pictures were taken as part of the presentation. those were taken from your other new councilmember zarda who did an excellent job who also supported this project coming in saturdays to provide technical assistance. with that, i will turn it over to kelly. so i just want to give you a little bit of information on the better market street project. we have three goals,
more inviting, more in inclusive and more livable. the images on the slide show streets full of people with seating and all kinds of different activities in a street car. the more inclusive goal is something that we are reaching out to many different communities especially the disability community to make sure this project reaches that goal. the project schedule is right now we just wrapped up conceptual design. that was our first phase, from 2011-2013. we are beginning our environmental review phase from 2013-2015. we plan to start design in 2015 which will take us